Trexie Xandra’s Itch List

Itch List / Bucket List (noun): a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

Everyone seems to have a bucket list these days. A list of life goals or things a person wants to experience before reaching a specific age or before dying. In my case, I call it “Itch list” – the list of things I’m itching to do 😀

Life is meant to live to the fullest and it’s up to you how you will live the life you always dreamed of. Life’s too short to just work, do your job, pay your bills and die and we’re not meant to stay in one place. The Earth is 7,917.5 in miles. In short, the Earth is our runway, so explore, try every food you see (as long as it’s not deadly LOL), go see a concert with your BFF and the list goes on.

So below are the number of things I’m itching to do (in no particular order). Quite long and ambitious. Achieved a few, and working for the rest 🙂

  1. Skydiving in Dubai
  2. Travel Alone.
  3. Ride the fastest Roller Coaster in Ferrari World
  4. Climb at the top of Burj Khalifa
  5. Travel with my best friend.
  6. Explore Siargao/Surigao, Philippines
  7. Travel Batanes, Philippines
  8. Enjoy sunsets in Santorini, Greece
  9. Work in a different country
  10. Eat Macaroons in Paris
  11. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  12. Visit one castle in Germany
  13. Experience cherry blossom in Japan
  14. Put up my own business
  15. See Mario Maurer in person. LOL
  16. Wander in the streets of New York
  17. Try snow activities in Scotland
  18. See Lee Min Ho in person (HAHA sorry but I’m a fan)
  19. Explore Korea
  20. Visit Madagascar
  21. Grab some gelato in Italy
  22. Drink giant beers in Germany
  23. Take a picture of Burj Al Arab during sunset
  24. Take a picture of me during sunset in Dubai Desert Safari
  25. Jump off a cliff
  26. Visit Maldives
  27. Make a collection of sunset photos
  28. .
  29. .
  30. .
  31. .

So there! So far I’ve listed 27 goals, achieved 6 of them. I know most of them requires a lot of travelling HAHA! But I still have all the time in the world to achieve everything I listed above so no worries.

The thing is it’s not really necessary that your goals should be grand or big. Small goals, big goals, whatever, as long as it makes you happy then go for it. Live the list!

‘Til next time!



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