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Trexie Goes International: Hong Kong & Shenzhen, China Tour

Hi guys! So today, I’m going to share my Hong Kong plus Shenzhen, China Tour
last February 8-10, 2017. Hong Kong is one of the most visited places in the world right now. A lot of tourists come to see beautiful sceneries around HK, lots of foods to taste and so much more! And below is my version of being “lost” in this wonderful territory 🙂 .
This is my first time to travel international with no one but a friend. Just the two of us! I mean the thought of it was scary at first because it’s the first time that both of us will be visiting Hong Kong. It’s just a three day tour but it’s a memorable experience.

Our flight date was Feb. 8. Basically, it was the first day of the tour. Our flight was early in the morning so we have to be in the airport by 4:00 AM (2 hours advance). It’s a 2-3 hours flight more or less from Mactan International Airport, Cebu Philippines. We arrived at Hong Kong International Airport around 9:00 AM.

DEPARTURE: Mactan Cebu International Airport

Shots during departure and inside the plane.


ARRIVAL: Hong Kong International Airport

I don’t have much pictures upon arrival though since after landing everything happens too fast like we have to get to immigration after, checking of bags, run to nearest money exchange center to have our money converted to HK Dollar, not to mention that we need to meet (I forgot his name) for the “Meet and Greet” session. We’ve waited for another hour for the bus that would pick us up from the airport to our respective hotels. Our hotel (Hotel 36) is located in Prince Edward, an area in northern Kowloon.




This was taken during our bus ride from the airport to our hotel. My first glimpse of Hong Kong!!




After arriving in the hotel around 1:00PM, we grab some lunch because we’re already starving. We took a few strolls around the hotel, took pictures of Kowloon streets even though it’s freezing 8 degrees outside. BRRRR! The rest of the day was just a free day/rest day.

DAY 2: Hong Kong and Shenzhen City Tour

So this the most exciting part of the trip mainly because this would be the time to see more of Hong Kong and visit Shenzhen, China. We had breakfast first and leave the hotel 8:00AM sharp. First stop was Avenue of the stars 🙂

Avenue of the stars is located in Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s an attraction that pay’s tribute to some of the region’s most celebrated names in the movie industry.

The picture on the left was me posing with the statue of the legend, Bruce Lee. Actually, he’s the only one I bothered to take a picture with. LOL basically because he’s the only one I know. HAHA!


A quick view of the city of Hong Kong.



Besides having all the statues of big celebrities around, they’ve also got a cool garden to look at!

Next stop was Aberdeen, Fishing Village. Located on the south side of Hong Kong Island, is home to Jumbo Kingdom, the world’s largest floating restaurant! The restaurant is serving a lot of Chinese traditional Dim Sum dishes and the prices are too expensive not to mention that you’re expected to pay more since it’s a tourist attraction. Crazy!



So to be able to get a good view of the fishing village we rode a boat called “Sampan”. People around here who’s means of living is basically fishing, owns a houseboats. It’s like a boat and at the same time it’s where they live. I tried to check my gallery for how many times but I think I lost the picture of the actual houseboat 😦


After a few minutes riding in Sampan, we get back to port and waited for our bus to give us a ride going to some jewelry factories. Actually, we visited 2 factories never had the chance to take a picture since it’s prohibited. But that’s how we spent the rest of the morning before heading to Shenzhen for the afternoon tour.


Above pictures are taken just inside the bus. Sometimes we took a stop to take pictures. (Hover your cursor for the captions).

We also had the chance to stopped by a shop for snack tasting and buying “pasalubong” or souvenirs. I got myself 2 Hong Kong fridge magnets because I try to collect fridge magnets of places I’ve been to. And snacks was delicious especially their chips, salty, sweet, cheesy even spicy-Wasabi flavoured chips!

AFTERNOON TOUR: Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China


There are two major border points through which most travelers to Mainland China and Hong Kong cross the border. These are:

  • Lo Wu/Luohu station (Hong Kong and China names respectively for the same place)
  • Lok Ma Chau/Huanggang (Hong Kong and China names respectively for the same place).

On the Hong Kong side one is on the North End of the New Territories region and on the China side one is in the bustling city of Shenzhen: China’s capital of fashion, shopping and production. (source:

In our case, we took the Lo Wu station going to Shenzhen. From there, we met our new tour guide. By the way, a visa is needed upon entering Shenzhen, China. Our visa was taken cared of by the agency where we booked our tour. So everything is settled.

So our first stop in Shenzhen was around this park, I forgot the name (sorry), where we took pictures, nothing really exciting happened but the park itself is so refreshing in the eyes, green trees are everywhere. The sun shines so bright but during this time I’m freezing to my bones and I’m wearing a dress. LOL.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To be honest, city of Shenzhen may not be the biggest city in China but damn! It’s the best, clean, refreshing city I’ve been to so far and I promise myself to go back here sometime.

Next stop is the Window of the World-the highlight of our Shenzhen tour. It’s a theme park located in the western part of the city. This is where I enjoyed most during the whole tour.


Window of the World also consists of replicas of the world’s famous wonders like the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Actually, this pictures are just near the main entrance of the theme park. We were not able to get inside of the actual park because it’s quite expensive 😦 so we just busied ourselves taking pictures around the area where we are allowed to.

After visiting Window of the World, we had a side trips in different jewelry factories (again) specifically in a Jade factory where you can see lots of Jade stones in different hues of green color and to some shops around Shenzhen where materials are purely made of bamboo, from towels to scarfs etc.

After those extra tours our next stop is OCT Harbour-East Baishi Road, The OCT Harbour, Shenzhen. It’s a large retail and entertainment complex in Shenzhen, features man made canals, hotels and shopping malls. It’s already 7:00PM when we got here because we had our dinner first. I can tell you guys that this place is great for leisure and food, lights at night are amazing they also got cinema around here and bar district also water fountains. They are also having this dancing fountain show at night but I think there’s an entrance fee if you want to watch. It’s really a frat place to have a nightlife in Shenzhen!

After exploring OCT harbour, basically our last stop for the tour, the bus took us back to the station going back to Hong Kong because we are not staying the night in Shenzhen. We arrived at the hotel at around 10:30 in the evening. And I’m so dead tired I just wanna go to sleep because I’m really exhausted and the weather in Shenzhen is much colder than in Hong Kong made me freeze to death. LOL.

DAY 3: Home Sweet Home


So it’s our third day in Hong Kong unfortunately it’s time to leave this beautiful place 😦 The bus is going to pick us up at 11:00AM from our hotel for our flight back to Cebu. Although we didn’t get the chance to visit Ocean Park and Disneyland the main attractions in Hong Kong, still we get the opportunity to visit some cool places around. It’s indeed a wonderful experience for me and my friend. We enjoyed a lot, we met new friends and we experienced how difficult it is to communicate with other people especially that people in Hong Kong, well most of them doesn’t know to speak English. We promised ourselves to visit Hong Kong again. But for now the memories of this trip will be surely remembered.

’til my next post,

The Book Hoarder




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