Nothin’ beats the happiness when you travel with the best people. 

 So last weekend, my workmates and I went to have some fun at the beach! As well as to celebrate the birthday of one of my colleague in their hometown, Bantayan Island, Cebu. 

Bantayan Island is one of the best islands we have here in Cebu, there are a lot of resorts situated in this place that is why we decided to spend the weekend in the island. One of them was Northville beach resort, where we stayed for one night. We reserved 2 rooms. One room costs more likely 1,700 Pesos which is good for three persons. 

The place is so clean that’s what makes it worth every penny. They might not have a bigger space for you to run around the beach but they have the most excellent service. You just have to buy foods and they will be the one to cook it for you. Of course you have to pay for the labor. But it doesn’t cost that much. 

Below are photos I took. 

At night, we had our bonfire just around the seashore. We had also our tents put up, eating melted marshmallows while talking endlessly. 🙂 that was a lot of fun though. 


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