How I Feel About Writing

Writing is an art. It is a beautiful way of arranging and combining words that forms into one beautiful meaning.
It’s how other people express their thoughts and feelings they can’t say out loud. It’s also one of our communication means. In other words, writing is major.

For all of my entire life i hate writing for some reasons. For me it sucks! I’ve done a lot of writing especially in school take for example the essays, articles, thesis etc. I find it very hard to put all those words together to come up with a simple sentence. I don’t even know which words to choose. But then one day I was fascinated by blogs.

I am an IT student and we have this subject in school that we have to sign up for this one website and create our own blog. And that site will serve as our communication chamber for the whole class for the rest of the semester. That was my very first blog ever. Never would I thought that I would like to have a blog on my own and just put anything on it whatever I want. And then one day, I logged on to Google and search for some sites that could be useful for my new blog. There are hundreds of results found. But not a single one interests me.

I’ve come across a lot of websites all over the internet. I signed up in almost all of them. I even have an account in Tumblr that used to serve as my personal blog. I keep on posting pictures, reblogging quotes from another blogger. I even saved all the pictures and quotes on my laptop. And just like that I felt very happy that I managed to create my own personal blog. Until then, it occurred to me that I want more. More than just pictures, more than just GIFs. I want words on my blog. And then I decided to sign up for WordPress.

My main problem is that how could I form words when I even hate writing? So, I made a thorough research from blog to blog to blog. As I was reading other people’s blog, I wonder how did they find all the right words to say. *sighs*
But then I learned that it’s not just about finding the right words.

So I made my own list of tips that would be very helpful for me. This might not be much but it will help me unleash the inner writer in me. And this might be helpful for beginners out there too.


You don’t have to think too much of all the words you have to say. Too much thinking might just complicate your brain. Just write feely. Write whatever comes to your mind. Write like no one’s going to judge you. After all, it’s your blog. You have to say what you want to say.


I don’t recommend you using words that may take time to understand especially for your readers. Common and simple words are acceptable. You don’t have to use luxurious words to prove that you’re good at writing. And intelligence is not measured on the words that we are using, it’s how we magically put them together and give them sense or meaning.


Taking your time in writing is a good exercise to form and combine your words. You don’t need to rush them. You may need to go to a place where you can write comfortably without other people bothering you. A combination of music is a good idea too but is also optional. But for me, a cup of coffee is enough 🙂


Writing is a lot of fun when you just know how to bring out the best of it. You just have to enjoy it. Write as much as you want. Write happy words. If there is a need for you to combine it with photographs, then do it. Because for me, you can associate everything with writing.

Now that you have a few tips from me, might as well start your own. Do it from a scratch. If you think it’s not that good, well it’s fine. I believe those great authors out there didn’t have a good start too. Just be the writer of your own and bring out that inner writer in you.
Til next time!

-The Book Hoarder


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