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Into the Deep

Hi there everyone! I just want to share some pictures of my first ever scuba diving experience! 
• The practice session. 
So before we will dive into the “real ocean” we need to practice our breathing in the pool. This is also for our safety purposes since we are all first timers!    

 We were assisted by some of their best divers to help us what to do especially if something went wrong. Good thing for me, I’m a fast learner! 🙂
•The real thing. 

Now that we’re done with the practice, which did not went well for my friends (haha!), we head to the ocean still assisted by the divers. Here are some of my adventures underwater 🙂   

I dont’t how to call this thing behind us but i find it very creepy. 


Look! I found Nemo! 🐠   
 This starfish is the coolest! It has the combination of black and lavender colors! 


Was also able to feed the fishes with bread. Everytime they took a bite makes me giggle because it tickles! How cute is that! 

Wish I could post all the photos here. Well, I picked the best photos for you to see. Hope you enjoyed! 

So for your reference, this place is called The Imperial Palace or JPark Island here in Cebu, Philippines! So if you’re here in Cebu, JPark Island is one of the best place to go. Jusst check there Facebook site @:

•Bonus Photos



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