Nature Photography

Exploring nature is like a museum. 

Hi there! So these are some of my nature captures I’m gonna share today. This was taken last summer when I was travelling to Camiguin and Bohol. And because summer here in the Philippines is just around the corner, I’m looking forward to spend another summer this year in the beach! 

This first picture is located just near the port of Camiguin Island. As you can see it’s a bridge but it is sorrounded with mangrove trees all over it. And the bridge there does not lead to anywhere. It’s a dead end. Just for viewing purposes. 

And this is the end point of the bridge that is actually made of just pure wood. Then there is a clear view of the ocean that I think connects to the port. 

The left portion of this photo was taken also at Camiguin. This place is where I experienced snorkelling for the first time! Such a priceless moment. Not to mention that this is the home of thousands and thousands of giant clams! Free sight-seeing but when you want to see them underwater you have to pay for it. It costs around P600.00. 

The right portion of this photo was taken during our family reunion in Bohol at Panglao Beach Resort. Actually it’s just my feet. Haha! It’s my second time in Bohol. The beach is amazing. Everything is amazing. It is one of the tourists spots in Bohol. And what’s more amazing is that when it’s low tide, jellyfishes, starfishes and other ocean creatures come appearing out of nowhere! Well, I’m not talking about the sharks here, okay? I meant the crabs etc. I was truly amazed with the whole place. 

You guys should try to visit Philippines and don’t forget to include in your list the Camiguin Island and Bohol. 🙂 


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