Infused Detox Water

So how do you make your water not just a water? Me? I use it as a detoxifying water! How?
Well, first and foremost I realized that we can be healthy in many possible ways by just doing it naturally. No pills needed or any kind of drugs just pure natural. I’ll show you how.

This is water + lemon + mint + cucumber. This will help you detoxify and cleansed your body in a natural way.
So these are the main ingredients. Wash them first and then slice them thinly and place them in a pitcher with water. Mine I just place 5 cups of water. And it depends on you how many cups of water you want. And then add 10-12 leaves of mint. Place it inside your fridge for 4 hours or overnight. (I did mine overnight for best results).
And not only that. You can mix any kinds of fruits you like. Just like these:


Healthy right??! Looks good and tastes good for sure! So try this at home and enjoy the healthiness this infused water brings and start living a healthy life style. 😉


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