The Fault in our Stars Fever!!


So last Saturday my best friend and I went to Cagayan de oro city just to watch the most awaited movie of the year–The Fault in our Stars. Played by Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. People were lining up just to buy tickets and witness the movie. We took the risk of waiting just to have our own tickets and then tadaaaaa!! :)))

Before the movie was out in cinemas, we have read the book already (by John Green) and I fell in love with the story already. The movie was amazing it was just like in the book but for me the book itself is more accurate. That picture above was our ticket or should i say “selfie ticket”. HAHAHA i’m kinda obsessed with the movie/story though.


So anyway, since the movie will start at exactly 12 noon and we were ravenous, we bought some food and drinks so that we could munch something inside the cinema. I bought the largest size of cheese fries (Major League Size) and my best friend bought BBQ-flavored popcorn Major League Size also. I looked at her like the can-we-really-consume-all-of-these-look? But we bought them all anyway. So we were inside the cinema already and trust me you have no idea how excited we were!!! We were the last persons seated at the back so it’s good. Minutes after the movie has started and i was like “AHHHHHHH THIS IS IT!!” But i’m not literally screaming though. HAHA. So we watched and watched (the good thing about the movie was it’s funny at the same time).

That part of the movie when Augustus (the lead guy character) let Hazel Grace (the lead female character) practiced a eulogy for him for his funeral (because Augustus was already dying that time) saying their love story was epic and she’s very thankful for their little infinity and that how much she loves Augustus like OMG!! I’m crying so hard. But my best friend cried harder than me. Whew! We haven’t reach this scene yet but she’s already crying and I was laughing at her like a retarded seal. I keep on telling her that that was just a movie and it’s no big deal but i can’t believe I did cry too. HAHA silly! xD The movie was really heart breaking I was crying harder when Augustus died already :(( and we forgot we still have our Major League popcorn! LOL. We were so into the movie that we barley touched our food.

After the movie was over i heard a lot of sniffings. HAHA i think a lot of people inside the cinema cried too. Though mostly it’s the teenagers who were with us inside. “All of the stars” by Ed Sheeran played in the credits. The song was so solemn that it makes me cry again.

So guys make some time to read the book or watch the movie. It’s really amazing. John Green the author is amazing. It’s not just for teenagers but for adults also. ❤




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