Live the Life you imagined.

Since i was young i dreamed of getting very rich. Like i could buy my own car, build my own house, put up my own business, and of course build my own family. Well dreams are UNLIMITED. Dream as much as you want. Who knows you will have all of them someday right?

Next year, I will be turning 21. I feel like I’m really that mature enough to start building the dreams i used to imagine. Make each one of them come to real life. For the past years I’ve been listing those dreams in a piece of paper and I’m telling myself “I can do this, with God who strengthens me”. So here’s a sneak peek of what’s on my list of dreams:

1. Finish my studies.

2. Find a job.

3. Put up my own business.

4. Travel to Paris.

5. Get married.

6. Travel the world.

Actually this 6 are just the summary. We might not know there are other surprises in store. But stay positive. And life will be great just as you imagined it would be. ❤


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